Activity sectors


The GUTSER steel service centres provide complete solutions for flat steel products essentially in the following sectors - cars, industry, construction and household appliances (white lines). These sectors have different specific needs, but high demands and a dynamic environment.

Gutser-sector1CAR INDUSTRY

GUTSER is a certified supplier to the leading and secondary car firms. It provides a complete service within the sector, starting with a technological advisory service, selecting the steels and building the solution into the client's production line, and finishing with the delivery of the end product according to reduced, guaranteed terms of delivery.



GUTSER provides high added value solutions in processed steel products both in the construction sector, and in the general industrial sector, producing products for the boiler industry, piping, metallic furnishings, etc...



GUTSER provides a complete service in flat steel components for the sector manufacturing household appliances, working closely with the client to find effective and profitable production processes. As a result of this close co-operation, for example, GUTSER has designed and implemented a new cutting line that guarantees full quality on all surface finishings on its products.

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