Gutser, certified quality


GUTSER implements a strict Quality Control procedure in all its steel service centres, both in its production processes and its products, throughout the stages of production:

  • Raw material reception controls, when they arrive on the Gutser premises, only from its panel of certified suppliers.
  • Controls and inspections throughout the manufacturing processes, so as to ensure the properties of its products throughout the whole production process.
  • Quality controls on finished products, to guarantee the features of the end product and to make sure they comply with the tolerances required by each client or project.
  • GUTSER offers the possibility, also, of implementing specific quality controls for each client or project, and to this end it works closely with the reference Control Entities in the sector.

    GUTSER has its own modern laboratory, equipped with all the instruments needed to conduct all the inspections for both raw materials and finished products:

    • 10 Tn extensometer chain, with extensometer and contractometer, to obtain elastic and breakage limit.
    • Spectrometer for analysing chemical compositions.
    • Magnetic probe for coating thicknesses.
    • Roughness tester, hardness tester, reflectometer, etc.


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